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Intensive Trainings



Kokoro Dojo offers monthly intensive trainings in which we can deal in more detail with a specific topic.

Training times: 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Cost for Aikido Intensiv: CHF 25.00 per afternoon. Free for Kokoro Dojo members.


2.12. Aikido Intensiv


13.01. Dojo Cleaning and Training

11.02. Aikido Intensiv

09.03. Aikido Intensiv; subsequently GA

06.04. Aikido Intensiv

15./16.06. Seminar with Marko Marffy, 6th Dan Karate Do

29.06. Aikido Intensiv with Kyu tests

02.09.- 06.09. Uchi-Deshi-Week

07./08.09. Seminar with Moa Lindell and Thalea Koithan

26.10. Aikido Intensiv

24.11. Family Afternoon; with Kyu tests

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